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I am arranging a lunch at the *Savoy in London for my mother's 70th.  Yes that nice 5 star hotel restaurant run by the foul mouthed Ramsay.  And we'll be dining from the a la carte menu as well.  I am a kind daughter.  So given I'm about to mortgage a kidney for this I expected clear communication from the restaurant. I emailed them my credit card details as requested which included my name and title:  Mrs Firstname Surname.  This is what I got back.

"Dear Mr Firstname,

Thank you for your email.
I am confirming that we received your credit card details.
Savoy grill has A la carte and Lunch menu options.
And complimentary  small cub cake for your mum on her 70th birthday."

I am going to be very curious about the cake.  Will it be baby bear shaped?  Made of baby bears? Shaped like a dice? Or made from a small scout type individual wearing a woggle?

And yes I'm miffed about the spelling, the incorrect gender, the use of the wrong name given I'd supplied them in the format they specified and lack of quality check on the English but that, I will deal with once we've had the meal.

*I wanted the Wolseley on Picadilly but you have to have a party of 6 or under or over 12.
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Tomorrow night I will be baking a black forest gateau for work.  A very nice colleague is leaving and we want to show our appreciation.  Now the Peyton and Byrne recipe shows that their cake is a little cracked.  If they crack theirs how am I going to cope?

The P and B recipe says make one deep sponge and cut into 3.  But I'm not too comfortable with cutting so will be making 3 separate sponges using this little gadget  which will bake a well into the middle of two of the cakes. I will put the bottom sponge with the well dipping down and the middle with the well doming up and the top one obviously with the well doming up. 

Any Black forest gateau hints to help me on the way?  Am I missing anything obvious?


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