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I've had an idea about how to deal with cancelling your cards if your bag/wallet gets stolen.  Even if you can remember the contact numbers for all your bank card, there's a chance your phone has been stolen, it always seems to take ages to get through.  You might be a member of one of those services where you only have to call one number, but that costs.

What if you could have something the size of a button you could clip under the collar of your coat? It would be the size of your thumb print and locked to your thumb print only you would set it up so that when you press it with your thumb and hold it for 3 seconds it will flash green and will have messaged your bank to instantly put all your cards on hold.  You follow it up with a phone call within 24 hours that either cancels or removes the block.

I don't have the connections or wherewithall to suggest this further but if anyone could pass this idea on I think it'd be a very good idea and would save banks/credit card companies money.
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Not being a parent and having recently had a cat with 'digestive issues' I have been delighted by the existence of the automated litter tray although we have not yet got to that stage.  I got to thinking about something I will never do:  nappy changing.

Take one child with a dirty nappy. Imagine if you could clean it without seeing or smelling the nappy contents?

Why could there not be a plumed in piece of equipment in a bathroom about the size of a linen basket.  A ring gently closes round and supports the child above the waist and lets the feet and legs hang loose.  The machine releases the nappy and gently removes it.  A tepid jet wash cleans the child from the waist down and directional jets spray a lotion in mist form to the appropriate areas (depending on gender).  It could use a slightly anti-bacterial wash as well.

You don't see a dirty nappy as it comes out in a sealed packet which you bin or open and examine if you must do this.  Being a non-parent I understand that the colour and smell of the kid's poop is acceptable water cooler discussion.

Out comes a clean child which you can then nappy.  The importance of checking a child's skin health means that having the machine nappy the child may miss early signs of nappy rash.

The components exist. We have dishwashers and car washers.

Anyone got James Dyson's number?


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