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This Spanish rice dish a very easy way to produce dinner with limited washing up
This (allegedly low fat) chocolate tart is a tad fiddly and best eaten after a night in the fridge but really worth it
This is Nigella cake one of my favourites and I used a lemon this time in with the clementines - great success.
This frittata is great for breakfast and if you don't eat it all, is just as nice later on.

After my visit to Brown's a few weeks ago I filled in the feed back form on-line saying the music was too loud.  I don't think anyone ever does fill these in because I got a phone call and ended up with a £40.00 voucher for a return visit any time I choose.

For on line shopping I tend to bounce between Asda (minimum shop £35.00)  and Waitrose (minimum shop £50.00).  Waitrose's essentials range is quite good and I love their range of other products including their Cook's Ingredients range.  The other week a delivery turned up 50 minutes late due to some miscommunication on their part. A £10.00 voucher was emailed about ten hours after me sending a polite email.  

I am currently targetting Asda who seem to think that when I order two lots of trout and tick the please substitute box, it really means I don't want any.  They have done this on three previous occasions.  I suspect laziness in the pickers as the shop mine comes from is a massive 24 hour Asda so I think that somewhere they'd have trout.  I also use the Asda price guarantee website after each shop and initially I was getting vouchers for a few pounds where Asda were not 10% cheaper than the main rivals.  Last week's shop elicited a voucher of 3p.  I am loosing my love of Asda.  But no force on earth will make me go to Tesco.


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