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Tomorrow afternoon I have having some time off to bake this cake for a thanksgiving party on Friday.  It comes from a book called Bake It Like You Mean It, which I have yet to christen.

It will be a stars and stripes cake but I won't be changing the colours, only the ganache hearts will be stars.  And if anyone attempts to critique by counting the stripes which are created by up-ending a very fat Swiss roll, I may comment.
WTLIt's the most complex thing I've made and I do like a challenge.  There are 30 eggs on the counter and no Jenga has been played with the nine packs of butter in the fridge.  (Which will of course come out of the fridge well before use).  Indonesian cocoa has been sourced as has Canadian bread flour and all the other ingredients the slightly demanding author has required.

But I have discovered a slight hiccup regarding kitchen equipment.  I will finally have to give in and get a stand mixer.  My little hand held £8.50 electric beaters will not cut the mustard for this cake. Husband has been sensibly looking up consumer reports whilst I have been lusting after a sapphire blue Kitchen Aid with a transparent glass bowl and a long list of accessories (but I can make mince and pasta and and and *insert thirty other things I probably wouldn't make).  My Christmas present has just been solved.  There will also be a trip to Lakeland to get a pair of Jelly Pans (UK translation (17.5"x12.5"x1 Swiss roll tins).

This could get interesting.

Husband will be making Piecaken.
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My darling [ profile] major_clanger has issued me a challenge on Facebook to make this:  I tend not to run away from challenges but the execution is going to be interesting...  Any advice from anyone out there?  Do I bake them from the basics?  I was thinking of making the the cherry and apple pies and part baking them and then dropping them into victoria sponge cake mix and baking them again?

Can I just add that I think this is a crap idea and that actually baking something this ridiculous is only for fun and not to be repeated often.


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