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Further to this where I laid out my plain of attack and this reply to the recipe.

Here's what is should look like:
And here's what it did look like.  Some improvement needed.  Although it tasted ok.  Next time it gets roll out fondant icing.  And how she got her butter cream that white when we used the same ingredients - it's beyond me.
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Normally it is me who is clumsy in the kitchen and not that logical so I feel I have the right (and I got permission) to post this.
To my darling [ profile] major_clanger; I'm sorry that I curled up laughing on the floor when you tried to finish off an undercooked boiled egg in the microwave and it went bang.  If I were being honest I would have to say that as the lid was off I didn't know it would go bang.

Anyone admit to any kitchen faux pas?  I once tried to fizz milk in a soda stream.  Mum let me.  I was 7.  And I cleaned up. 

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This Spanish rice dish a very easy way to produce dinner with limited washing up
This (allegedly low fat) chocolate tart is a tad fiddly and best eaten after a night in the fridge but really worth it
This is Nigella cake one of my favourites and I used a lemon this time in with the clementines - great success.
This frittata is great for breakfast and if you don't eat it all, is just as nice later on.

After my visit to Brown's a few weeks ago I filled in the feed back form on-line saying the music was too loud.  I don't think anyone ever does fill these in because I got a phone call and ended up with a £40.00 voucher for a return visit any time I choose.

For on line shopping I tend to bounce between Asda (minimum shop £35.00)  and Waitrose (minimum shop £50.00).  Waitrose's essentials range is quite good and I love their range of other products including their Cook's Ingredients range.  The other week a delivery turned up 50 minutes late due to some miscommunication on their part. A £10.00 voucher was emailed about ten hours after me sending a polite email.  

I am currently targetting Asda who seem to think that when I order two lots of trout and tick the please substitute box, it really means I don't want any.  They have done this on three previous occasions.  I suspect laziness in the pickers as the shop mine comes from is a massive 24 hour Asda so I think that somewhere they'd have trout.  I also use the Asda price guarantee website after each shop and initially I was getting vouchers for a few pounds where Asda were not 10% cheaper than the main rivals.  Last week's shop elicited a voucher of 3p.  I am loosing my love of Asda.  But no force on earth will make me go to Tesco.


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