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Dec. 9th, 2014 07:00 pm
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To my cat:

My mum who has never met you visited today.

I reminded you that she was bringing your second Christmas present. You know the one in addition to your expensive heated bed my mum and dad sent you. You listened semi-attentively when I explained that you needed to simply sit still, sleep or purr. We agreed that no actual affection (feigned or genuine) was required.

You had one job.

And you did it.

Right on the floor.

In front of my mother.

I should be promising your Christmas presents to the Shelter for Kitties who will appreciate them.

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We will be collecting our new cat in early January from Essex.  We will be facing a three hour car journey with a hopefully relaxed cat who will simply want to sleep.  Mira is used to going to the vets and has had four litters of kittens and been well looked after.  She is even tempered.

We will buy a good cat carrier.  We'll drop the back seat to make the surface level and have her right next to us (the car is a mini) and secure it.  We'll talk to her/have the radio on.  We'll make sure she has water and the odd little treat.

Any tips for surviving such a long journey with a marginally sane cat/humans?


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