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I like macs.  I have everything mac.  I also want a PC for games (with a small g I'm not a Proper Gamer - I like hidden object and time management games - juvenile I know) and for open university stuff which DEMANDS a pc type platform and to play movies while I work on my mac.  My current windows laptop is 6 years old and decaying (possibly due to the fermented goat yoghurt it experienced 5 years ago in foreign parts.  Have already had to fix a few registry issues, overheats and is needy.

My mac has 4GB (two vacant slots) and 1TB and can be a bit slow but that's another story.  I like my mac and will keep it for delicous library, scrivener and dragon dictate.

I will buy a pretty monitor and hide the pc desktop under the desk so it can be fugly as all get out.  The thing is that if I look at an HP envy with 16GB and 3TB running windows 8.1 and a processor speed of 3.6GHz.  These cost £999 up to £1200 and don't include a monitor.

But there are other options: I found a brand called Vibox which is a Gamer PC and  comes in at about £600-700 with the same spec but a faster processor(4GHz) .  Ok it tries to look like optimus prime - but for such a price difference - what am I missing?

NB I have discounted Zoostorm as a brand due to appalling feedback.


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