Jan. 18th, 2016

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For reasons that are beyond me, I watched 8 seasons of L&O:SVU over Christmas.  Here is what I have learned.

That white Christian extremists are the most satisfying bad guy.
That just about everyone has a hit in codis.
That most episodes will have a 'let's dispell a fallacy' section is the form of an info dump.
That the coroner always has perfect hair.
That Jeremy Irons and Robin Williams guested in it.
That Olivia Benson will never be happy in her life.  Every time someone so much as smiles as her they due for a good old fashioned smiting/killing/jailing/suiciding.  Bloody hell girl get out of the job 'cos misery is all that's in the post.
That her partner Elliot finds it hard to pass an episode without at least two accusations of police brutality.  Possibly that's why he gets shot about twice a season and has two emotions.
That ICE T can act, as long as he's playing a street wise thug with a limited emotion range and vocabularly.
That Munch gets all the best lines.
That the majority of perps or humps get 25 to life up in Sing Sing and nobody nice ever goes to central booking.

But most of all it hit me as I walked home through Birmingham tonight and saw an advert for a movie on the side of a bus:


So in the spirit of ICE-T: Gramps the Five Oh gonna bust yo skanky ass to supermax.
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Thanks very much to everyone who replied.  I'm trying to concentrate on post 1950 stuff.  And I'm not too big on plagues and zombies.  I'll start with James White because most people named him.

Here's the list so far:
James White (Sector General series - 12 books) Various short stories
Greg Bear (Blood Music)
Daniel Keyes (Flowers for Algernon)
Geoff Ryman (The Child Garden)

Michael Blumlein (Tissue Ablation and Variant Regeneration)
Alan Nourse (Star Surgeon, The Mercy Men, Contamination crew, Bladerunner)
Piers Anthony (Prostho Plus)
John Varley (Steel Beach)
T. J. Bass (The Godwhale)
Lois McMaster Bujold The 3rd & 4th of the Sharing Knife series have "major character learning medicine" as a major plot thread
Mikhail Bulgakov's Heart of a Dog.
James E Gunn The Immortals

Novelette/Short stories:
C. L. Moore & Henry Kuttner); "The Little Black Bag
Elizabeth Moon "ABCs in Zero G".
Bernard Wolfe (Limbo)

And here's what the SF encyclopedia page gave me
And it did lead me to a book of short stories called: Great Science Fiction about doctors
Walter M Miller Jr's "Blood Bank" (June 1952 Astounding),
William Tenn's "Down Among the Dead Men" (June 1954 Galaxy),
Cordwainer Smith's "A Planet Named Shayol" (October 1961 Galaxy)
Larry Niven's "The Organleggers" (January 1969 Galaxy; vt "Death by Ecstasy" in The Shape of Space, coll 1969)
Caduceus Wild (January-May 1959 Science Fiction Stories; rev 1978) by Ward Moore and Robert Bradford
Dr Adder (1984) by K W Jeter,
Resurrection, Inc. (1988) by Kevin J Anderson,
Body Mortgage (1989) by Richard Engling
 Crygender (1992) by Thomas T Thomas.
The Madman's Daughter (2013) by Megan Shepherd.
Joe Haldeman's Buying Time (1989; vt The Long Habit of Living 1989).
Raymond Hawkey's thriller Side-Effect (1979)
F M Busby's The Breeds of Man (1988),
Thomas M Disch's The MD: A Horror Story (1991)
Charles L Harness's The Catalyst (1980)
Kate Wilhelm's Welcome, Chaos (1983).

Already read
Bujold's Ethan of Athos and Falling Free both have strong themes of reproductive medicine and related genetic manipulation.


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