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My boss originally trained as a Physiotherapist and since working with her I have learned that everyone should know a Physio.

We recently moved from a loft apartment on the second floor with a lift which we used all the time, to a house with four floors including the ground.  There are 2-3 rooms on each floor so I am regularly moving between floors.  I thought I'd get fitter.  I did, but after about 3 months I also ended up with pain in my inner hips which was sharp and nasty and would hit at all times of day and especially if I wasn't walking properly upright and taking long strides.  I wear very sensible shoes - I regularly get mistaken for a matron.  I am overweight and carry a heavy but well balanced laptop rucksack 2-3 days a week.  I honestly thought I something nasty was brewing.

I spoke to my boss who had had the exact same thing when she moved to a house with a lot of floors.

When you regularly take a lot more stairs you overuse your calf muscles everytime you push off to take a step up.  This massively tightens your calves and shortens the muscles and overbuilds the quads.  This leads to the pain.

It's fixed by simple stretches to lengthen the calf muscles. I'm not in pain anymore.
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